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Medium: Oil Paint on canvas

Size: 120 x 100cm (47" x 39")


Still Waiting is an oil painting on canvas piece capturing a young woman in reverie. She sits at a bar, stirring her drink slowly, thoughts far away, pondering on a person or opportunity in life perhaps missed or never before encountered. In her state of youth and beauty she has potential at her fingertips, but the wrong kind of ‘spirit’ to keep her going.

This is a painting about those familiar ‘waiting’ scenarios in which we often find ourselves re-assessing the importance of time and productivity on a much grander scale.

The reference image was captured by Jo: Instagram: @jo_media and the model's name is Adanna: Instagram @adannaamira

Still Waiting

  • Plans Offered:

    Immediate Full Payment

    2 months - 2 payments

    4 months - 4 payments

    6 months - 6 payments



    Once the first payment has been received, I will mark the painting as 'Sold.'

    Artwork will continue to be displayed in exhibitions and galleries until the full payment has been made.

    Postage and Packaging will be charged separately once the payment plan is complete.

    Payments are non-refundable. If 4 months pass without payment, the artwork will be put back up for sale.

  • Insurance is optional but is recommended for higher value paintings. It will be charged separately once the payment plan is complete. The insurance offered by Mail Boxes Etc is Compensation Cover for loss or damage in transit.

    The charge is £45 incl vat for UK and £37.50 for the USA.

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