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There is an aura in a painting that can't be achieved by a photograph. Chloe endeavours to capture the true essence of her sitter (or photograph) in a way that is unique to that space and time.
To create a detailed, photo-realistic painting, Chloe must reference high-resolution images - the better the photo quality, the better the painting will be. If you are UK-based, she could take her own photo. 

Chloe can paint single or group portraits, including animals, and can merge multiple reference images into one, if needed.

Commission your own

Commissioned by English Heritage and music celebrity, Lotto Ash, Chloe can bring anyone's ideas to life. 

Starting Prices:

X Small (30 x 30 cm)    £300 + delivery

Small (50 x 40 cm)       £650 + delivery

Medium (70 x 60 cm)  £1300 + delivery

Large (100 x 80 cm)     £1900 + delivery

X Large (over 100 x 80 cm)   £2200 + delivery

The above prices are for guidance. Other sizes and prices are available.


The final price will be determined by the complexity of the painting and whether it is a single or group portrait. Rest assured, Chloe will discuss everything with you to agree on a price before you make your deposit.

Chloe ships worldwide. Please get in touch to request specific delivery quotes. 

Alternatively, you can choose to collect the painting.



Use the form on my Contact Page to tell me what you want. Any images/ photos would be very helpful. We'll discuss logistics.


If you're happy to go ahead, I will ask for a deposit.


Please allow 2 - 6 months for me to paint your fabulous picture and for it to dry. 


Once you have paid the full price, the painting will be packaged and shipped to your destination.


Any reviews or feedback would be much appreciated!

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