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Commission your own

Chloe is aware that, for various reasons, not everyone can be photographed by her in person. But she recommends you include this in your package to equip her with the high-resolution photographs she needs for her expertly detailed portraits.

To commission a painting 

1. Provide a reference photo and the size requirements for your canvas. She w
ill then send you a quote (or reject the request) based on the quality of painting she can produce.

2. Select a canvas size from the guide below and let her know how many people will be in your portrait. She will then send you a quote for the full premium experience; inclusive of a personal visit to get to know you/the sitters, capturing her own high-resolution photographs, and producing a classic, detailed painting.

Email her at: to discuss your options


Rough Size Guide

X Small: 20 x 30cm

Small: 40 x 50cm

Medium: 60 x 70cm

Large: 80 x 100cm

X Large: 100 x 120+ cm

When you get in touch, please let Chloe know which size category you'd like your commission to be in.

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