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Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas

Size: 100 x 80cm


Last Light is a painting consumed by darkness but for a single electric light. The cool bulb reveals the timid, but provocative eyes of a girl in little clothing. She is tired, but hopeful, offering herself up to the viewer and symbollically clinging to the light that keeps her out of darkness. However, this is a false electricity, sort of like the connections we cling to when we are afraid of being alone.


The reference photo was taken as a collaboration between Veronica White and myself. Instagram: @veronique_photography

Last Light

  • Plans Offered:

    Immediate Full Payment

    2 months - 2 payments

    4 months - 4 payments

    6 months - 6 payments



    Once the first payment has been received, I will mark the painting as 'Sold.'

    Artwork will continue to be displayed in exhibitions and galleries until the full payment has been made.

    Postage and Packaging will be charged separately once the payment plan is complete.

    Payments are non-refundable. If 4 months pass without payment, the artwork will be put back up for sale.

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